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Ovr Flight specializes in photography and videography for ALL forms of real estate including: commercial, industrial, residential, etc. as well as general photography: company, group pictures, portraits. We specialize in aerial and interior/exterior photography/videography, 3D imaging (virtual tours), virtual staging, schematic floor plans, 3D laser point scanning, and surveying.


We are a company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and became official on November 18, 2019. Although most of our work has taken place in the state of Utah, we are happy to travel wherever our services are needed!

The following is a list of states we currently have clients in:

Utah, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho

Our long-term goal is to serve clients in countries all over the world and in all 50 states. 


Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality of work to make their jobs easier. We want to optimize the overall renting and buying process for realtors, rental home owners (air bnb), condominium and hotel owners, resort owners, and office space leasers. This will in turn increase the annual profit margin considerably by working with us over time and that is our goal for you. We will help you sell, rent, or lease out your property more efficiently.

We are not a one and done company. Meaning, we don't care about landing the job, getting paid, and then moving on. We want to take the time to develop long-term relationships with people and hopefully friendships. We want to understand things from your perspective, that way we can give you exactly what you're looking for. This is why the first property we do for you will be absolutely FREE! This way, we are able to show you the quality of our work and not tell you. Actions speak louder than words.


Currently we have:

3 photographers, each with 5+ years experience.

2 drone specialists with 3+ years experience. 

2 very talented videographers.

2 professional editors

We are always actively looking for more people to join our team so if you are a photographer, professional editor or have a drone, send us an email.

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